• Getting that magical look for your flower girl

    Posted on by Tammy Cooper

    You've bought the dress and shoes, tights and now its time to sort out hair and accessories. We have the perfect finishing touches to get a princess look for your flower girls! See below for sparkling wings and lifelike garlands to complete your magical flower girl look.

    These gorgeous netting wings with sequin detailing will shine on your wedding day. They are available in white, purple, aqua and pink, since they are netting the colours are gorgeously muted so they won't overwhelm your special day. 

    These wings are especially wedding friendly, they don't have any metal or rods like standard wings. They attach at the shoulders and fingers with soft elastic, which means as kids trail their way through tables or under guests the wings move with them and they aren't going to knock drinks and plates flying...or not as many! If the kids want to take them off they can unhook their hands and the wings trail down their back or they can be folded up and fit easily in a clutch or pocket.

    wedding fairy wings for flower girlsnetting wings for weddingsfairy wings for weddings flower girl accessories

    We love these realistic flower garlands, and they are perfect for brides, bridesmaids and flower girls. With silk petals, fluffy yellow centres and soft yarn stems they can be put together just like a real daisy chain and worn as a gorgeous lifelike garland. The flowers can also be used individually woven into hair with hair pins or several different strands can be worn or various colours combined for different looks. They can also be worn as a necklace or bracelet. These daisies are resilient and will look as good in the evening as they did in the morning, even better they can be re-worn after your big day making a lovely keepsake.

    silk daisies for wedding garland hair  flower garlands for weddings flower girl hair ideas

    Daisy chains are available in white, pink and mixed pastels, we also stock gorgeous yellow buttercup.


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  • Stunning Christmas Fairies 2017

    Posted on by Tammy Cooper

    October is our favourite month of the year. We love that the leaves are changing colour and Halloween is just around the corner but we especially love October because that’s the month our order from Gisela Graham arrives with our boxes of glittering Christmas Fairies! All the fairies are stunning with touches of glitter and amazing detail and they look gorgeous on Christmas trees or as room decorations.


    This year we ordered a selection of fairies across all the Gisela Graham ranges as we couldn’t decide which ones we loved the most. We also restocked some favourites from last year including the fairies on balls, glittery ballerina fairies and feather fairies, the peacock designs from last year and some new ‘Old Gold’ feather fairies which look beautiful.


    We also added a larger range of ballerina’s, frozen mid dance, they come in pinks and gold/bronzes as well as pretty ballerina fairies which are white with highlights of gold.



    One of our favourite ornaments is a sophisticated white unicorn mid leap with silver glittery horn and hooves of gold.


    These ranges just keep getting more beautiful and next year we will definitely need a bigger tree. This year the challenge is which one to hang on the Christmas trees at home!

    Shop our range of Christmas Decorations now!

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  • Attending/Trading at FloVibe Festival 2017

    Posted on by Tammy Cooper

    On the weekend we attended the new FloVibe Festival. It was a very clean, smoothly run festival with lots of yoga, therapies and music. Our kids had a great time, there was so much on for them. They did a range of activities including kids yoga, movies, dance class, story time and craft.

    Sunbeam was lucky to find a new home and got into the festival vibe, joining in the kids yoga and playing in the hay bales.

    The kids all banded together and ran a little wild spending hours playing on the hay bales and tires (tires were used for the heavy duty classes), or 'flying' around the festival with their fairy wings. This little fairy didn't want to take her wings off!

    Fabric Fairy Wings - Rainbow Fairy Pink Wings

    In the evenings they enjoyed the silent disco (although they were a bit confused about some of the adults singing) and many of the music acts.

    We had some of our new stock of daisy and buttercup garlands which were well received and look really pretty! They look real and for the smaller sets you can make them yourselves and wear them as a garland, necklace, bracelet or hang them off bags,

    We were really lucky with the weather and with the kids occupied we were free to relax and enjoy the acts and therapies. All in all we had a lovely weekend.

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