10 Free Ideas for Making Fairy Garden Accessories

Posted on by Tammy Cooper

10 Tips for Making Fairy Garden Accessories

1. Make a fairy tire swing. Using one of the tires off a toy car and some twine, hang the tire off a small plant.
2. Fairy lights. Weave some fairy lights through your garden so your fairies can dance at night. Alternatively you could put a fairy light next to your garden for them. (These are great fun to construct, cut out your stencil and decorate your jar, fill with a LED tea light).
3. Make a fairy path. Use small chippings to create a fairy path leading from your fairy house through the garden.
4. Make a fairy arch. Sprigs of rosemary bend really well (and smell great) to create arches for fairies to walk under. You could cut out butterfly silhouettes, cover them in glitter and stick them to the top of the arch.
5. Make a fairy washing line. Cut out some fairy wing silhouettes, cover them in glitter or other shiny paint, string twine between two small sticks to create a washing line and hang your wings on it so they are 'drying'. You could do the same with fairy shoes or clothes.
6. Make some fairy baby beds. Walnut shells make great fairy beds! Add some small blankets out of spare material or moss or cotton wool and if you're feeling up to it, add some glitter!
7. Glue together popsicle sticks into gates and fences, leave them wooden or paint them bright colours.
8. Make and paint brightly coloured clay toadstools. You could make table and chair sets.
9. Find some thimbles in a local second hand shop and pot your fairies up some gorgeous miniature plants.
10. Create a fairy sign post. Find a pole to hang your signs on, could be a stick from the garden. Then cut down some popsicle sticks, rounding the ends, paint or colour them then, in black marker write your destinations on each one. Maybe Fairy Ring, Troll Mountain, Dragon Cave and stick them to your pole.