Enchanted Adventures at Rickmansworth Canal Festival 2017

Posted on by Tammy Cooper

On the weekend we had the pleasure of attending the Rickmansworth Canal Festival. The weather was only half with us this year with hail and occasional heavy showers on Saturday. Sunday however turned out fine and quite sunny - pity we were under the shady trees! It was lovely to see so many beautiful boats all in one location and we enjoyed listening to the live music.

It was great to meet so many local people both the public and other traders, we may have spent a few pennies with the stall next door - thanks to the lovely Summerhouse Linens

Not having used the gazebo since last year it took a few minutes to work out how to put it up and we were very happy to have purchased the type with a pre-constructed frame we just 'walk out', rather than wrestle with pipes and frames. So quick and easy even after 6 months. Due to the weather it is now covered in tree leaves but hopefully we brushed all of them off.

We tried a new layout and were happier with it on Sunday, unfortunately the rain on Saturday restricted us more than we would have liked. It was great to show our new new framed pictures, baby dragon and pirate accessories and dress up (coming to the website soon!).

    Mermaid framed picture / print         Baby soft dragon, homer douglas plush dragon

Thanks to the Rickmansworth Waterways Trust and all the great work they do.