Attending/Trading at FloVibe Festival 2017

Posted on by Tammy Cooper

On the weekend we attended the new FloVibe Festival. It was a very clean, smoothly run festival with lots of yoga, therapies and music. Our kids had a great time, there was so much on for them. They did a range of activities including kids yoga, movies, dance class, story time and craft.

Sunbeam was lucky to find a new home and got into the festival vibe, joining in the kids yoga and playing in the hay bales.

The kids all banded together and ran a little wild spending hours playing on the hay bales and tires (tires were used for the heavy duty classes), or 'flying' around the festival with their fairy wings. This little fairy didn't want to take her wings off!

Fabric Fairy Wings - Rainbow Fairy Pink Wings

In the evenings they enjoyed the silent disco (although they were a bit confused about some of the adults singing) and many of the music acts.

We had some of our new stock of daisy and buttercup garlands which were well received and look really pretty! They look real and for the smaller sets you can make them yourselves and wear them as a garland, necklace, bracelet or hang them off bags,

We were really lucky with the weather and with the kids occupied we were free to relax and enjoy the acts and therapies. All in all we had a lovely weekend.