Recent Photo Shoot

Posted on by Tammy Cooper

Recently we decided to do a photo shoot of some of our products. Some we decided to take as static product shots and for others we braved the world of children to take action shots.

I think there is a great reason why kids have such a reputation for being tricky to get pictures of. If they are bored, it shows up all too clearly on their faces. You ask them to smile and they screw their faces up tight, some (mine in particular) looking a bit like they ate a lemon. For some strange reason my two actually like lemons and have smiles on their face while doing so, but you get the idea.

You ask them to wear something they love, they put it on and are to be found for the camera. Our fairies had such a great time playing in the woods, we had to get pictures of them in the trees.

For a while we had grumpy fairy, off with the fairies fairy and that often heard 'I'm hungry..' fairy. Luckily the 'I need a wee' fairy was sorted in time. My least favourite was the 'the adults are eating all the sweets' fairy who dobbed us right in.

We had such a lovely time, and I think we got some fantastic shots! The children had a blast, swapping bags and wings between themselves and we even avoided the rain. To see more pop over to our pages on Pinterest or Facebook!


Rainbow fairy wings and mask, blue rainbow fairy wings and blue mask