Stunning Christmas Fairies 2017

Posted on by Tammy Cooper

October is our favourite month of the year. We love that the leaves are changing colour and Halloween is just around the corner but we especially love October because that’s the month our order from Gisela Graham arrives with our boxes of glittering Christmas Fairies! All the fairies are stunning with touches of glitter and amazing detail and they look gorgeous on Christmas trees or as room decorations.


This year we ordered a selection of fairies across all the Gisela Graham ranges as we couldn’t decide which ones we loved the most. We also restocked some favourites from last year including the fairies on balls, glittery ballerina fairies and feather fairies, the peacock designs from last year and some new ‘Old Gold’ feather fairies which look beautiful.


We also added a larger range of ballerina’s, frozen mid dance, they come in pinks and gold/bronzes as well as pretty ballerina fairies which are white with highlights of gold.



One of our favourite ornaments is a sophisticated white unicorn mid leap with silver glittery horn and hooves of gold.


These ranges just keep getting more beautiful and next year we will definitely need a bigger tree. This year the challenge is which one to hang on the Christmas trees at home!

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