Using Your Fairy/Elf Door

Posted on by Tammy Cooper

You've begged and begged and now you have one...a fairy/elf door or maybe a troll door! Who knows who will move in, but first things first. Pick a spot where you would like the wee folk to live. Inside or outside? Most don't mind, as long as they can open the door when they would like to and you visit them, but some have a few preferences.

Forest fairies prefer to be outside and near or on trees, garden sprites love being against a fence or retaining wall, Flower fairies love it near the garden beds so they can see the flowers. Trolls like water and bridges, but if you don't have any of these they like trees, retaining walls and the side of garden sheds. If you'd like some Dwarves they like to be against the house so they can dig down and search for gold and gems without disturbing the back yard.

Inside, against a wall or skirting board is a great location, and they love bedrooms, playrooms or lounge rooms, but keep them out of the kitchen or they will raid the honey! If you place your door inside the house they like it to be kept tidy otherwise they trip over toys and clothes and cant spread their magic dust properly...poor wee folk!

Once you have picked your spot, attached the door (or ask Mum and Dad to help) it's a good idea to write a letter to the fairies/dwarves etc asking them to move in. Explain that you have created a home for them and would love them to move in and visit you! Perhaps you could ask a mischievous fairy to move in, or a friendly troll, or maybe a bad tempered sprite (watch out parents!)?

Leave your note next to the door and wait and see what happens...depending upon who has moved in you might see flower petals, fairy dust as they brush against the door coming in or out, or if you are lucky receive a letter back! Sometimes it can take a day or two for someone to move in, but don't worry you'll know when they have! If you are really really quiet and still you might just see one using your door!

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