The new law is great news for you, albeit results in a slew of emails filling your inbox. It gives control of your information back to you, and will apply after Brexit. For more information about the new law the Information Commissioner’s Office website is a great source.  

How and when did we collect your information?

  • When you bought something from us
  • When you talked to us on the phone or by email
  • When you visited us at a fair or festival

What do we use your information for?

We use your information for processing payments, posting your fabulous new purchases out to you and if you allow us, to email you through news updates and offers! 

How long do we keep your information?

We don’t keep it any longer than we have to. Ideally once our transaction is complete and we no longer have a legal requirement to do so.

Your data rights with the GDPR

You’ve trusted us with your details, so it’s your right to have access to clear, easy to understand information about them and we are happy to comply! If any details are inaccurate you’ve got the right to have them corrected. You also have new rights, like the right to erasure and the right to restrict processing, which give you more control over your data. For full details on your data rights and how to exercise them, please read our Privacy Policy  however you might want a cuppa and if you're like us a chocolate bar before you start!